Friday, September 12, 2014

Quest (less than a test, more than a quiz) on Tuesday/link to study guide

On Monday, we will go over the Join or Die cartoon.  You will have time to work on your study guide in class as well.  Please see me if there are any questions.

The two things we did not really go over were the Triangular Trade and Middle Passage - this has to do with the slave trade.  They are in your book in chapter 3, section 2.  I will do a quick overview of the triangular trade on Monday as well.

There is a possibility the quiz will be moved to Wednesday and we do a review game on Tuesday.  We will see where everyone is at by the end of class on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!

After this chapter I promise it gets more fun and interesting - the American Revolution!!!!  We just had to lay the foundation to build upon your understanding of where the colonists were at, what their frame of mind was, and why conditions were ripe for a revolt.

Here is the link for the study guide.

Review Sheet Chapter 3

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